Our tumblers learn skills and strengthening techniques with the best teachers in Clatsop County


Each level below has a list of goals that a tumbler works towards completing consistently, eventually without assistance. Our teachers use various skills, drills, and techniques to help build on each of these abilities.

Level I - Forward Roll, Handstand, 10 Second Bridge

Level I Advanced - Cartwheel, Dive Roll, Backward Roll

Level II - Handstand Bridge, Backbend Kickover, Round-off Rebound

Level II Advanced - Handstand Forward Roll, Back Walkover, Front Walkover

Level III - Back Extension Roll, Front Handspring, Back Handspring

Level III Advanced - Aerial, Round-off Back Handspring, Round-off Back Tuck

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Students will participate in two performance weeks and have 1 recital performance opportunity. The performance weeks are in December and June. We bring our mats and tumblers to local retirement homes to entertain our friends. Then in June at the Spring Showcase Recital tumblers will assemble on stage to demonstrate their various skills.



Weekly classes pay tuition on a flat monthly rate paid on a 10 month payment plan, regardless of longer or shorter months, holidays, or missed days. Check our our discounts for siblings & our family max tuition too!

Once-a-week 45 minute tumbling class: $60*

*Available for Level I and Level I advanced only

Twice-a-week 45 minute tumbling class: $90

When registering for multiple classes tuition is calculated by total hours, contact the office for full details.



Tumbling attire is all about safety, full details click here.