Our tumblers learn skills and strengthening techniques with the best teachers in Clatsop County


Each level below has a list of goals (not all goals are listed) that a tumbler works towards completing consistently, eventually without assistance. Our teachers use various skills, drills, and techniques to help build on each of these abilities.

Level I - Forward Roll, Handstand, 10 Second Bridge

Level I Advanced - Cartwheel, Dive Roll, Backward Roll

Level II - Handstand Bridge, Backbend Kickover, Round-off Rebound

Level II Advanced - Handstand Forward Roll, Back Walkover, Front Walkover

Level III - Back Extension Roll, Front Handspring, Back Handspring

Level III Advanced - Aerial, Round-off Back Handspring, Round-off Back Tuck

Click here for a full Fall schedule.



Students have multiple opportunities throughout the year to show off their tumbling skills!



Weekly classes pay tuition on a flat monthly rate paid on a 10 month payment plan, regardless of longer or shorter months, holidays, or missed days. Check our our discounts for siblings & our family max tuition too!

Once-a-week 45 minute tumbling class: $60*

*Available for Level I and Level I advanced only

Twice-a-week 45 minute tumbling class: $90

When registering for multiple classes tuition is calculated by total hours, contact the office for full details.



Tumbling attire is all about safety, full details click here.