Cast List

Ava Dean

Emma Humphries

Bailey Jones

Abbie Larson

Chantrell Lee

Maia Mahoney

Aliciyah Miguel - Cloninger

Isabelle Moore

Audrey Thompson

Olive Thompson



Denele Sweet - Artistic Director

Cecelia Sibony - Choreographer

Trixie Leone - Choreographer “Art is the great equalizer. Dance is the mother of all healers. Beautiful works of art, like good and meaningful choreography, can be created by persons of any age, gender, color, or socio-economic background. Art, like dancing and choreography, gives a voice to kids who might otherwise not have one because of age, gender, color, or socio-economic background. As a professional artist and lifelong teacher, the most meaningful gift a teacher can give a child is the power to make good choices... to broaden their minds, open their hearts, to see things differently so they can carve their own path to a bright future.”

Tiana Van Slyke - Choreographer “If we are not inspiring the next generation, we are not fulfilling our life’s purpose. I also believe that so much of who we become as adults is shaped by experiences had and decisions we made during our youth. My reason for getting involved is the combined sum of these two personal truths. I’m so passionate about contributing to this living, breathing art project”

Alaina Meyer - Choreographer



Performances for the Spring 2019 season have passed, stay tuned for the next season!

Photography by Don Frank

Photography by Don Frank