“I enrolled my daughter thinking "neat, she will learn ballet". What I didn't anticipate is her attending 5 days a week and loving it. She doesn't just learn dance here, she learns what it means to try harder and get back up when you fall. She learns kindness, patience, respect, technique, and skills that will cultivate success and happiness her whole life. This place is amazing.” Facebook

Kerri F.

Jane C.

“Encore is more then a dance studio. It's a fun and safe place. My girls have made friends that have become family. The staff is loving and kind. The emphasis is on self confidence and self esteem. I love the smiles I see when picking up my girls.” Facebook

“Hands down the best place on the North Coast to bring your little one for dance or tumbling! We love the teachers, it really shows how much they love each kiddo individually!” Facebook

Michelle S.

“An amazing bunch of ladies who love dance and have an amazing way with the kiddos. My daughter loves going here and has been excelling with their help! They also have great adult classes which has been amazing to take! So much fun to be had here!” Facebook

Stephanie M.

“Super fun place for my daughter to be. I am grateful for the teachers... for both their abilities as instructors and their friendly personalities. I love that they have transportation directly from the local schools....makes the transition from school to dance so easy. My daughter has found her little passion in dance and I am so grateful for Encore and their part in her life!” Google

Dana J.

“This is my daughter’s second home. She absolutely loves Encore and the teachers! They are so good to us. Everyone is friendly and positive. It's been awesome to have a place like this for her to go to after school” Google

Kim C.

“My daughter loves going to dance class. Such a warm and lovely place for children.” Facebook

Cristina F.

“Love love this dance studio! My daughter never stops smiling when she's there. The variety of classes are great. Instructors are very caring and nurturing. It’s a great fit for us!” Google

Christy K.

“My daughter started at Encore at the age of 3 (she is now 9). The staff is always so cheerful and positive! They are an excellent studio - and my daughter loves going everyday!” Google

Jennifer S.

“My daughter was treated like a princess when she danced at Encore! She learned a lot and the classes were always fun!!” Facebook

Kimberly F.

Lindsey P.

"My kids and I have been dancing at Encore for the past 4 years. The staff is professional, yet caring. My kids have such a blast at their dance classes, and I like to think of Encore as our little dance family.” Google

“My daughter has danced at Encore for 9 years. They have been amazing working with her and her disabilities.” Facebook

Lori M.

“My daughter has danced at Encore for about six years. I am so grateful she has the studio to go to. It is filled with positive adults that have provided a safe healthy place for my child to learn self confidence, grace and of course, dance. She started out with tumbling, jazz and tap. She soon dropped tap and picked up ballet. She participates in their competitive dance teams is on pointe and is an awesome tumbler. She is there four times a week after school, which makes for a long day for her but these days, I'm so grateful I know where she is and what she's doing. I believe it has made all the difference in the world for her. So thank you Encore staff for helping raise my daughter into a really awesome teenager!” Google

Janet O.

“My daughter is in the middle of her 6th year at Encore. These ladies are not only incredible dance teachers, but great positive role models for the little ladies they are teaching. Thanks for the help with my little lady.” Facebook

Katrina H.

“I can't say enough good things about Encore Dance Studio. My 6 year old daughter is a student. Our journey with Encore began over 3 years ago when Jessi was 2 1/2 and invited to a class by her friend. I was so impressed that we signed her up for the rest of the year and continued by adding the Born to Entertain pre-school the following fall. That year Jessi was involved in an accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. Jessi has had to learn to move all over again and Encore has been an enormous part of her recovery. Throughout her hospital stay her dance instructors came to see her and encourage her. Her teacher Tia visited every chance she got and when Jessi started her therapies began working the physical therapist to help Jessi remember how to move. Even the therapists couldn't believe how much Jessi remembered from her dance classes. Throughout Jessi's recovery Encore and their entire staff have not only been amazing dance instructors, they have become dear friends. Dance has given Jessi a sense of herself and her abilities. Its helped her understand the way she moves is beautiful, even if its not the same as everyone else. I know our story is unique, but Encore has a way of encouraging each and every student in a special way.” Google

Kristen H.