Students can choose to attend between 1 to 5 days per week. Prices are monthly tuition for 8:15am drop off & 3:45pm pick-up. Ask about 5:30pm pick-up if you need it! Each student has a 1ce annual administrative fee of $60.

1 day per week $280

2 days per week $399

3 days per week $499

4 days per week $599

5 days per week $699


Recital Costumes

Costumes for the December Toy Drive Recital are "build-your-own" with simple requirements such as a black leotard & red skirt, or Christmas pajamas! Sometimes we provide add-ons like Christmas Trees outfits!

The Spring Showcase is a ticketed and costumed event. Costumes are $75 each and are charged in 2 payments on October 25th and November 25th of the Fall before the show. Costumes are then ordered between November to January and handed out after Spring Break.


Performing Arts Membership

The performing arts program of Born To Entertain Preschool is a partnership with Encore Dance studio. Encore's annual membership fee for students to participate in dance and tumble classes is just $65 per family & automatically renews every April.