Holiday Experience Costumes

The two holiday experiences offered are costumed performances in December. The $99 experience package includes costume rental, costume cleaning, rehearsals, and a workshop.

Spring Recital Costumes

Participants in the annual Spring Recital Showcase will need matching costumes to make their performance extra magical! Costume costs are as follows:

Individual dance costume - $80 each

2-in-1 dance costume - $95 each

Costume investment includes: outfit, accessories, tights, & garment bag.


Costume Policies

Buying Costumes: Costumes are automatically billed to all active participants in dance classes (excluding shortened 6 or 8 week sessions and summer classes) in 2 payment installments and costume payments are non-refundable. Half of the total cost of all costumes is charged on October 25th and half is charged on November 25th. If a participant registers after November, costume availability is not guaranteed and cost of costumes is due at sign-up.

Plus Size: There may be an additional fee for plus size costumes if one is needed for a participant.

Alterations: Any alterations to costumes are the responsibility of the participant.

Late Costume Fee: If a participant chooses not to purchase costumes at the scheduled annual auto-billing time or are late in paying for their costumes there is a $15 per costume late fee to cover administrative and separate shipping cost of the costumes.

Receiving Costumes: Participants will be given their costumes to take home after spring break.