Ride the bus or take the Encore shuttle to the studio during the school year! Our after-school participants will dance and tumble every day after school with varying pick-up times available, and a Kids Club with reading, crafts, games and homework help between classes. After working hard all year to learn new skills they get to show off in semi-annual recitals at the Seaside Convention Center, in December and June!


South County

Servicing these schools: Gearhart Elementary, Seaside Heights Elementary* & Broadway Middle School

North County

Servicing these schools: Astor Elementary*, Lewis & Clark Elementary*, Warrenton Gradeschool & Astoria Middle*

*These schools serviced by shuttle.


Acro - mix dance and tumbling skills together to create a one of a kind acrobatic number 

Ballet - classical education including positions and movement that builds a foundation for any form of dance

Cheer - put a little spirit into your day with some cheerleading, focus on stunting or pom routines

Hip Hop - we keep it fresh and fun with age appropriate hip hop songs & dance moves full of energy

Jazz - sass, technique, and showmanship, jazz encompases it all and is so fun to perform

Tap - keep your toes in tip-top shape with tap skills, can you Paradiddle, how about Cincinnati, we can teach you

Tumbling - if you're just learning to somersault and cartwheel or if you're mastering aerials we've got the class for you

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Recitals & Costumes

Students will participate in two recitals. First is a "build-your-own" costume Toy Drive Recital in December where costumes are as simple as a leotard & colored skirt (assigned in November). Second is a fully costumed Spring Showcase Recital in June, these costumes are charged to students accounts in October & November and ordered between November & January. Students will be given their costumes after Spring Break. For full details on cost & payment of costumes click here.



Tuition is a flat monthly rate paid on a 10 month payment plan, regardless of longer or shorter months, holidays, or missed days. Check our our discounts for siblings & our family max tuition too!

Gearhart Studio

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Warrenton Studio

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Required attire varies from class to class based on genre and safety needs, for full details click here.


After School FAQ

What does my child do between classes: until 5:30pm daily students in our after school program have access between classes to arts & crafts as well as board games, and a staff member is available to give homework help.

How to wear hair: all students, no matter the class, should bring hair ties to secure their hair away from their face.

Where to buy attire: we offer a small selection of retail items at our Gearhart studio & can order for you if we don't have your size!

Where to store belongings: each after-school participant has either a cubby or hook just for their personal things (be sure to label stuff with your child's name though, lots of dance and tumble attire looks the same & this helps identify lost items).

What should I send my child with: after-school participants should have a water bottle and snacks (snacks available for purchase for $1)

Can I watch my child's class: at our Warrenton studio we will have viewing of both rooms available from the front windows. At our Gearhart studio we have some seating available in the lobby with viewing monitors for our 2 main classrooms.